It has been ONE YEAR since our very first performance in November 2019 at 100 Grand Dance Studio in SoHo, NYC!  

As a thank you to all of our past collaborators and supporters, we are coming to you with our first ever festival! We have an exciting online concert series featuring our very own team and our wonderful past performers!

Day 1

Thursday, 12/17 @8pm EST

Premiered on Youtube/Facebook

Hillary Bonhomme, voice

Joey Chang, keyboard

Pablo O'Connell, oboe

Peter Farrow, dance

Thomas A. Woodman, dance

Alfredo Colón, video synth


Pauline Oliveros "Innter-Outer Matrix"

Graphic Score Written by the Group

Miniatures (based on Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies)

Conduction led by Hillary Bonhomme

Conduction led by Peter Farrow

Day 2

Saturday, 12/19 @6pm EST

Premiered on Youtube/Facebook

Katherine Kyu Hyeon Lim, violin

Jack Mcguire, electronics

Yuma Uesaka, clarinet and saxophone

Carol Chave, dance

Jessie Winograd, dance

Thomas A. Woodman, dance


Philip Glass "Knee Play 2" + Improvisations

Jack McGuire "Peace" + Improvisations

Yuma Uesaka "Faders"

Miniatures based on a theme of "gifts"

Anthony Braxton "Language Types" Conduction led by Thomas A. Woodman

Day 3

Sunday, 12/20 @6pm EST

Premiered on Youtube/Facebook

Joey Chang, keyboard

Clifton Joey Guidry III, bassoon

Katherine Kyu Hyeon Lim, violin

Christine Lin, recorder

Carol Chave, dance

Lilah van Rens, dance


Joey Chang "Magnus"

Jessie Cox "Form Content Negotiations" + Improvisations

Variations on a Passacaglia

Conduction led by Katherine Kyu Hyeon Lim (inspired by Anthony Braxton's Language Types)

Conduction led by Lilah van Rens (inspired by Anthony Braxton's Language Types)